I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Stockholm, where I live with my family and our dog Hilla. I’ve been lucky to work with clients from around the world, making illustrations and patterns for books, magazines, fabric, packaging, print, & more. I am also a graphic designer and worked for many years with non fiction- and text books for school. I’ve studied art history, visual communication, illustration and design theory at university and art school, I also went to part time photography school.

I always start with a pen and a sketchbook, I like using cut paper in my work process and often finish it digitally, enjoying the combination of random–hand–computer. I also draw in Procreate. I think a lot about colours. I find inspiration from everything, all the time but I especially enjoy trees, the forest, fashion, art and childrens drawings. Recently started to paint with gouache and hope to incorporate it more in my process.

Clients include:
Arco Design, Uniqlo, Ogawa Linedrops, Kamawanu, Art Print Japan, Anorak Magazine, Hakuhodo, Hasami Yaki, Nishikawa, Liber AB, Natur & Kultur, Sekiguchi, Tesco Magazine. Exhibitions in Tokyo, Stockholm, London, Oxford.

Represented by andFIKA (Japan only).

Commissions, licensing or general inquiries: Please contact me by filling out this form and include project details in your message – thank you!

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